Marine Debris Solutions Bills

2018 Hawaii State Legislature bills (updated 30th March 2018):


This bill will ban the sale and use of polystyrene foam containers statewide. SB2498 has passed 4 committees so far (all of the Senate and 2 in the House). It has only 1 committee left to pass: House Committee on Finance. In order to pass in time, it needs to be scheduled by 1pm on 3rd April for hearing by 5th April as 48hrs notice needs to be given of a public hearing. Please help get this bill through the House by:

(1) Emailing the Chair and Vice Chair of Finance and ask them to please schedule SB2498 SD2 HD1 for a hearing and please pass this very important bill. Tell them that this bill matters to you a lot as you care about the human health, the environment and the economy.

Chair Sylvia Luke email: (Makiki, Nu`uanu)
Vice Chair Ty Cullen email: (Waipahu, Makakilo)

Please BCC beach_orgATyahooDOTcom (written non-spam, please add @ and .)

(2) Emailing the other members of the House commitee on Finance and ask them to please pass SB2498 SD2 HD1. Tell them that this bill is very important and it matters to you a lot that this bill passes as you care about the human health, the environment and the economy

Rep. Romy Cachola email: (Kalihi, Pearl Harbour)
Rep. Lynn DeCoite email: (Moloka`i, Lana`i, Maui)
Rep. Beth Fukumoto email: (Mililani)
Rep. Cedric Gates email: (Wai`anae)
Rep. Daniel Holt email: (Kalihi, Chinatown)
Rep. Jarrett Keohokalole email: (Kaneohe, Kahulu`u)
Rep. Bertrand Kobayashi email: (Kaimuki, Diamond Head)
Rep. Nicole Lowen email: (Kona)
Rep. Nadine Nakamura email: (Kaua`i)
Rep. Chris Todd email: (Hilo)
Rep. Kyle Yamashita email: (Maui)
Rep. Andria Tupola email: (Nanakuli, Kapolei)
Rep. Gene Ward email: (Hawai`i Kai)

Please BCC beach_orgATyahooDOTcom (written non-spam, please add @ and .)

(3) To prepare to do testimony, sign up now for hearing notification (see below how to do this - it only takes a couple of minutes!) and write a few notes (on a word doc. or draft email) about what you are going to put in your testimony so you have it ready

(4) When the hearing is scheduled, you will receive an email (if you did step 3), and it is time to send in your testimony (it needs to go in 24hrs before the hearing) - fill in the online testimony form (see below). If you have previously done testimony for this bill when it was in another committee, you will need to resubmit it again for this hearing (as the Finance committee will only look at what comes in for this specific hearing)

Alternatively, you can submit testimony through email to: (instead of using the online form). But only email your testimony after the hearing is announced.

(5) Ask your friends and family to do testimony also as we need 1000+ people in support for this final hearing of the bill

(6) If you can, please go to the hearing and give oral testimony

Sign up for hearing notification at If you do this, you will get an email as soon as the Finance Committee hearing is announced with SB2498 on the agenda. For help on how to do testimony or register on the legislature website, see instructions below. Got any questions? Contact the Public Access Room at the Capitol on 587 0478 (M-F 8am - 4:30pm) - they are super helpful!

Easy to follow (and short!) Public Access Room videos on:
How to Register on
How to Submit Testimony
How to Sign up to Receive Hearing Notifications

How to submit testimony online for State bills:

1. First step is to Register for an account. It's very easy and will take about 1-2 minutes! All you need to do is click on the register page in the top right corner of , then give your name (your proper name that will appear on your testimony), an email address and make up a password for access to that website. Then go to your email box and click on the link in the message and you are all done!

2. To submit testimony for a bill, once you are signed in (sign in is at the top right hand corner of ) click the orange "Submit Testimony" button on the front page or go to SB2498 SD2 HD1 and click the submit testimony blue bar there.

3. Enter the bill number eg. SB2498 (just like this without the extra SD2 HD1) and press "get hearing"

4. Fill in the form (see screenshot of form below) with your information and testimony.
ONLY put organization if you are a board member, director or other person designated to write on behalf of that organization or business (like a business owner), otherwise, put individual.

5. When you write your testimony, include where you live (what island/what area eg. Makiki) and why you support the bill. If you are a child, put how old you are. The testimony doesn't have to be long. Put just information/facts relevant to polystyrene and don't forget to put your name. Tell the committee how important this bill is to you - that it is the most important bill to you this session - that this is the bill you care about the most as it will make the most positive difference to our health, marine life, the environment and the economy. Writing a few words from your heart works best. Also tell the committee that you strongly support SB2498 SD2 HD1 and ask them to please pass it. If you would prefer, you can upload a file instead of typing in the box (see below what to include if uploading a file).

6. After you successfully submit testimony, you will get a green box on the left confirming that your testimony was sent in for that hearing.

Screen shot of online testimony form:


If you are submitting a file with your testimony here's what to include:

Letterhead (if writing from an organization)

TO: Chair Luke, Vice-Chair Cullen, and Members of the Committee on Finance
FROM: Your name, address, phone contact information
RE: Strong support of SB2498 SD2 HD1
Hearing date and time

Aloha Chair Luke, Vice-Chair Cullen and Members of the Finance Committee,

My name is _______________ and I live in _______________ (ie Manoa, or on Maui etc). I am writing in strong support of SB2498 banning the sale and use of polystyrene foam containers for food and drink. I support this bill because (give your reasons why - relevant information and facts related to polystyrene foam or your experience and thoughts about it).

End with:

hank you for allowing me to provide written testimony in strong support of SB2498 SD2 HD1. Please pass this important bill.

__________(your name).

2018 Honolulu City Council bills (updated 10th Feb. 2018):

Polystyrene Foam Container Ban - Bill 71 (2017)
This is an excellent bill introduced by Councilmember Pine in 2017. This bill passed first reading by the full council on 6th Sept. 2017 and then was heard by the Chair of the Public Works and Sustainability Committee, Carol Fukunaga on 15th Nov. 2017 where she didn't hold a vote. Please contact Councilmember Fukunaga on ph: 768 5006 or email: and please ask to to put this bill on the agenda and ask for a vote on it.

Polystyrene Foam Container Ban - Bill 4 (2018)
This bill was introduced by Councilmember Pine in 2018. This bill passed first reading by the full council on 31st Jan. 2018 and even though the focus of this bill is Health (whereas Bill 71 is environment), the Chair of the Council, Ron Menor referred this bill to 2 committees (every other time for plastic reduction bills, it has been only 1 committee referral). The 2 committees are Public Works and Sustainability Committee and the Public Health, Safety and Economic Development Committee. So again, this bill is ending up in Carol Fukunaga's committee. Please contact Council Chair Ron Menor on ph: 768 5009 or email: and ask him to please refer this bill to 1 committee only - Public Health.

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